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Welcome to carolinescandle.com. We're delighted to have you here. These Terms of Service outline the terms and conditions that govern your experience on our website.

At carolinescandle.com, we offer personalized bespoke candles named "Carolines Candle" in loving memory of Caroline. Our goal is to honor her beautiful spirit and raise awareness of the impact of cancer. Through your support, we aim to contribute to Cancer Research UK's vital work.

Your generosity means the world to us. Visitors to carolinescandle.com can express their desire to contribute any amount to Cancer Research UK through a simple form on our website. Each candle is lovingly funded by Adrian as a tribute to Caroline. Candles are reserved for donors contributing £25 or more. While smaller donations are welcome, they won't qualify for a candle.

Upon submitting the form, carolinescandle.com automatically directs you to the official Cancer Research UK page, where you can make your donation with ease. Rest assured, every penny goes directly to Cancer Research UK to support their invaluable work.

We cherish the memories of Caroline and the essence of Carolines Candle. All names, designs, and associated products are our exclusive property. Please refrain from using any content from our website without permission.

Your safety is paramount. Each candle comes with a booklet containing usage and safety information. Users are liable for reading and following all safety guidelines. Carolinescandle.com holds no liability for safety guidelines not being adhered to.

Every donation made to carolinescandle.com for Cancer Research UK is promptly forwarded to the official Cancer Research UK page. Carolinescandle.com does not handle any donations directly; all donations are made directly to Cancer Research UK.

In the unlikely event of disputes, we believe in resolving matters with love and understanding. Any disputes will be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom, and legal actions will be brought exclusively in the courts of the United Kingdom.

As our journey unfolds, we may need to update these Terms of Service. We kindly ask you to check back periodically for any changes. Your continued use of our website signifies your acceptance of these terms.

Your thoughts and questions mean the world to us. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [contact@email.com] if you have any queries or concerns.

Thank you for being a part of our journey at carolinescandle.com. Your love and support honor Caroline's memory in the most beautiful way.

In Memory of My Partner, My Best Friend, My Girl.

In the realm of flickering light, a candle’s glow unfolds, A tribute to my love, my partner, cherished and untold.

Opening with top notes, a playful dance of scents so grand, Blackcurrant, bergamot, apple, pineapple, hand in hand.

Named “Fields of Athenry,” a song close to her soul, Its melody embraced her, love’s eternal toll.

Within this candle’s essence, a heart that beats so strong, Irish rose, jasmine blossom, patchouli’s alluring song.

Pure wax, embodiment of her tender heart’s delight, Softness preserved forever, casting love’s gentle light.

With every flicker, memories kindle and revive, Our walks, hand in hand, where our love would always thrive.

The necklace I gave her was worn through the years highs and lows, it remained close to her heart, A cherished token, never to depart.

And as her final breath gently took flight, The necklace she wore, a guiding light.

Though she’s no longer physically here, its beauty persists, A precious reminder, our love will eternally exist.

This candle, a testament to the love I hold so dear, A radiant flame that whispers, “Caroline, always near.”

No other love could measure, no one could claim my heart, For Caroline, my girl, I loved her from the very start.

Each flicker of the candle, a glimpse of love’s refrain, Our memories embraced, like echoes in the rain.

Hand in hand we strolled, through life’s intricate maze, Together we danced, love’s rhythm guiding our ways.

I miss her dearly, her presence forever missed, A love that lingers, transcending life’s fleeting twist.

My love for her endures, deeper than any sea, If my love for her alone could heal, she would have lived eternally.

So let this candle’s flame burn, an eternal dedication, A love-filled rhyme, a heart’s sweet revelation.

Caroline, my beloved, forever in my heart you’ll stay, In this loving tribute, our love never fades away. xxxx

Carolines Elegy